Electricity is massively powerful and utterly indispensable. Yet, it is easy to overlook just how much we depend on it. Just take the Internet, lighting, transport, heat and healthcare. Electricity is so integrated into our lives that it is almost impossible to imagine life without it.

The Visual Guide To The Power Grid – Inside The Greatest Machine In The World is an illustrated tour through the power system. The book shows the ingenious and intertwined system of generators, physical infrastructure, trading activity, and grid balancing, which collectively make electricity available right when you need it.

But what goes on under the hood of a power station or on top of a wind turbine? How is electricity transported to your home? What drives market prices? How are cables laid at the bottom of the sea? What is inside a lineman’s toolbox? What does a grid controller do, and why are they particularly tense during the World Cup?

The exploration of the incredible electricity system is the goal of the Visual Guide To The Power Grid. Lushly illustrated and clearly explained, the book is a fabulous guide to the phenomenon that we cannot see, but we cannot live without. If you have a knack for knowing how things work, you will never look at your wall socket in the same way again.